Author: Pat Sosa VerDuin

I am always looking for signs…actual signs. I look for license plates, and placard words placed on park benches in loving memory of someone. At stores, I look for inspirational signs you know the ones that read ‘Live, Laugh and Love’… you’ve seen them. Why do I look for signs? For me, signs are a form of inspiration, listening for what the universe is trying to tell me. Once you start listening to that small voice inside there are some signs that just won’t go away.

At the beginning of the year I got curious about “Joy”. Maybe Christmas brought it out with all of the “Joy to the World” nuances in the air. Joy began showing up in the most curious places. I received a book on Joy for Christmas. I went to the dentist and there on the wall saw a sign that read  “I choose Joy”. This inspirational listening via the signs all around me in plain sight continued! I found myself laughing every time I saw Joy. As a sister who leads what type of sign would inspire you on your way home from work today?

Visit and watch the video for ideas. Let us know what inspirational message would lift you up… you just might see it.

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